Lliw’r Afan - The Colour of the Afan

A collaborative musical work recreating and reworking Welsh traditional music to reflect our current time. The voices of the Afan are raised in celebration in this work for diversity and inclusivity within the folk and traditional genres in Wales. 

Hello! My name is Jordan Price Williams and I’m a musician from Cwmafan working in Welsh traditional music. Lliw’r Afan is a brand new project taking testimony and stories from the people of the Afan Valley and blending them into the Welsh folk tradition. This is where I need YOUR help! Watch the video above or continue reading below. 

When I was a child  my grandfather told me stories about how, when he was young, he would sit up on the hill behind his house in Pant Du, in the Afan Valley, to watch the river. Once a week the collieries would wash their machinery and the river, often stained orange by the iron works, would change colour. The coal dust would turn the entire flow black, from the top of the valley to the bottom. 

This got me thinking - who were the people there to watch the Afan change colour. What were their stories? Their lives? As a valley with a robust industrial past, people have always moved to this area, from across the British Isles and the world, to find work. I noticed a lack of diversity in storytelling when looking through history to discover more about the Afan Valley and its people.

This got me thinking, are there voices, cultures and stories that we’re missing out on from people who lived there from the
1940’s to the present time. 

I'm keen to deliver a collaborative musical project focusing on writing new folk  and dance songs, blending the traditional forms of Welsh traditional music with new stories and testimony from people in the valley, in particular   the voices of women, people in the BAME and LGBTQ communities as well as and those who are differently abled, particularly as I feel these are the voices that are often not heard.

I would love my project to be as collaborative as possible, so this is an open invite to anyone who would like to get involved.  There are a few ways to do this:

Firstly you can join the  Lliw’r Afan facebook group (here), secondly you can share your stories via the form below on my website, please leave your email if you wish me to be in touch with you, or you can submit anonymously. Finally you can email me at jordan@jordanpricewilliams.com or via my facebook page (here). 

Please like my page on facebook to keep up to date with how the project develops and to receive tasters of what I’m working on!

Everyone who submits will all receive a free digital copy of the album when it is finished!

There are a few terms and conditions below which I would like you to read before submitting (don’t worry they’re only short!)


Terms and Conditions


Before sharing any stories or testimony with me, I would like to make you aware of two things: 

The testimony you send to me may be used creatively in this work either paraphrased or quoted exactly. 

Where your testimony is used creatively you will be credited, so please leave your name!

If you wish to share but do not wish your testimony to be used please state so clearly with your message. 

If you are sharing on behalf of someone, or are sharing a story about someone else please make sure you have explicit permission to do so. 

Finally, by submitting your story/testimony it is implied that you have permission to do so and that you give Jordan Price Williams the permission to use your material creatively, and you will be credited.


Dwi’n siarad Cymraeg ac yn hapus i ddefnyddio Cymraeg neu Saesneg gyda chi. 

A massive diolch yn fawr/thank you to you all for the information you share with me! This project wouldn’t be possible without YOUR words!

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